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Sod delivery

Fresh, Top-Quality Sod in Richmond Hill

Canadian Independent Sod Co. Ltd. has grown and sold sod in Richmond Hill since 1965. Using sod rather than trying to grow your lawn from seed carries a number of advantages, including:

  • When you install sod, you have a finished lawn immediately. It is instantly attractive.

  • Sod can be laid almost any time of the year. Because the roots are already formed, sod can establish itself instantly in soil that has been prepared as long as the soil is not frozen.

  • Sod grass is healthier than self-grown grass because it is professionally grown and maintained.

  • Sod is denser, which means there is no need for over-seeding and there are no bare spots in your lawn.

  • There are no weeds in sod. It is dense, so it helps prevent weed germination and requires less herbicide.

Wholesale Sod

Our friendly staff has extensive experience in all aspects of growing, installing, and maintaining Kentucky Blue Grass. We cut sod fresh every day, which can be picked up in any quantity that is required. Large quantities of sod can also be delivered directly to your job site and placed where needed if possible with our truck mounted forklifts.

Retail Sod

Whether it’s a small patch or your entire yard, Canadian Independent Sod can help you. Homeowners are able to come in and pick up as much sod as they need, whether it’s one roll or a thousand rolls. We also offer a delivery service to our retail customers for their convenience.

If you’re not sure how much sod you need or have questions regarding preparation and installation have no fear because our experienced staff will be glad to answer any and all of you questions and concerns. Give us a call today or stop by our Richmond Hill location.

Visit Our Store

Check out our landscape supplies and aggregates in our Richmond Hill location.

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