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Gravel and Mulch

Topsoil, Aggregate and Mulch in Richmond Hill

Canadian Independent Sod offers two different varieties of soil products: triple mix for all of your gardening and planting needs, and screened topsoil with 10% peat loam. Screened topsoil is a good general purpose soil for all of your sodding and grading needs.

Soil products can be purchased in a variety of different volumes, including by the 30 kg bag, by the cubic yard or in bulk by the truckload, all of which can be either be picked up directly from our Richmond Hill yard or delivered directly to your site.

Aggregate Products

Canadian Independent Sod carries 7 different aggregate stone products for all of your landscaping and drainage needs:

  • 3/4 Clear

  • 3/4 Crush

  • Limestone Screening

  • HPB Stone

  • Pea Gravel

  • River Rock (1-3 inch)(3-5 inch)

All aggregate products can be purchased and picked up at our main yard, by the 30 litre bag or by the ton and can also be delivered for your convenience.


Canadian Independent Sod carries two different varieties of wood mulch, both black and brown. Mulch can be purchased at our main yard by the bag or by the cubic yard and can also be delivered to your home or site for your convenience.

Seed and Fertilizer

Canadian Independent Sod carries a variety of grass seed and fertilizer mixes for all of your lawn care needs which can be purchased at our Richmond Hill location.

Seed Mixes (Pickseed Products)

  • Campus Green

  • Shade Grass Seed

  • Perfection Lawn Mixture

  • MTO Mix


  • 8-32-16

  • 27-0-0

  • 46-0-0

For more information, contact our office or come in and visit us at our Richmond Hill location.

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Check out our landscape supplies and aggregates in our Richmond Hill location.

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